Live a Life You LOVE!

PURPOSE Find your divine PURPOSE and be the contribution to this world you were designed to be! INTEGRITY Live an authentic life.  Live with INTEGRITY.  Be fully self-expressed and true to yourself and your purpose! PASSION Take on life with PASSION and enthusiasm.  Live on the edge of excitement and joy! POWER Be POWERFUL in the face of anything that comes you way.  Know that you can do it!


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Virtuous Vixen Relationship Advocate

It’s not about knowing everything, its about sharing what you know! See more Virtuous Videos Read More at

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4 Common Mistakes Male “Relationship Experts” Make |

This article is a wonderful treatise on some ways relationship advocates are falling short. Take a moment to read & respond! Posted from WordPress for Android Read More at

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Soulmate Series 2014 Fall Retreat – ATL

During the Soulmate Retreat You will experience workshops and activities to :

Strengthen bonds
Connect w/like-minded people/couples
Improve your health & well-being
Acquire skills to Cultivate & manifest a loving relationship
That add to your relationship tool kit
Enhance Intimacy
Add more spice!

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Virtuous Vixen – Sex, touch, Virtue

What’s available to you with Virtuous Vixen programs? Lots, one woman liberated herself from promiscuity and reclaimed her virtue! Find out how See more Virtuous Videos Read More at

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Dance your Cares Away

There is song by Jamiroquai I love, “Canned Heat.” The chorus is Dance, nothing left for me to do but dance, Off these bad times I’m going through just dance Got canned heat in my heels tonight baby” As I sit here watching So You Think You Can Dance,  I was moved to tears by …

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Image courtesy of dreamstime Today I am sharing about a missing I see in many relationships,  TENDERNESS.  Defined as being kind, affectionate, and gentle.  Men and women are operating so much in the masculine domain that we are not being and are not teaching our young people to be tender with one another.  We are …

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