Live a Life You LOVE!

PURPOSE Find your divine PURPOSE and be the contribution to this world you were designed to be! INTEGRITY Live an authentic life.  Live with INTEGRITY.  Be fully self-expressed and true to yourself and your purpose! PASSION Take on life with PASSION and enthusiasm.  Live on the edge of excitement and joy! POWER Be POWERFUL in the face of anything that comes you way.  Know that you can do it!


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Man Up!

GREAT DISCUSSION in one of my favorite relationships forums RINGSIDE that prompted this blog.   At some point did anyone DEFINE what is Masculine vs Feminine? Very often what is called “feminine” to me doubles as “childlike” and what is called “masculine” is “adult behavior.” That is the first issue YES women have become more …

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FIT 4th – My Healthy Holiday!

I know the holiday’s can be a tough time to stay on track with a healthy lifestyle…NOT!  Here’s the truth, I don’t “DIET.”  I have tried and it doesn’t work.  Instead I have committed to a healthy lifestyle.  I like the concept of the 80/20 rule.  MOST of the time I make good choices AND …

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Making Lemonade

It’s been eight months since my sister transitioned.  It is hard to believe because I still cannot imagine life without “Nikki.”  She is my older sister and has been with me my entire life.  My first friend (and enemy) and most trusted confidant.  We shared EVERYTHING even when we didn’t want to.  We shared a …

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Gluten Chronicles – I got glutened :-(

Ugh, I am having a severe allergic reaction to something.  Is it gluten?  I am 95% sure, but having just secured affordable healthcare I am making it my business to get officially tested. For now I’m sticking to my conclusion based on the simple process of eating and then not-eating foods with gluten and experiencing …

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FIT TIPs – Farmer’s Market Fun

Shopping for fresh produce can be expensive…UNLESS you know where to get it for the low low! In this short video I show you how!! Read more at

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Protected: Shake-n-Share!!!

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post. See more about Fitness at my Fit Coach Kania website

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