Live a Life You LOVE!

PURPOSE Find your divine PURPOSE and be the contribution to this world you were designed to be! INTEGRITY Live an authentic life.  Live with INTEGRITY.  Be fully self-expressed and true to yourself and your purpose! PASSION Take on life with PASSION and enthusiasm.  Live on the edge of excitement and joy! POWER Be POWERFUL in the face of anything that comes you way.  Know that you can do it!


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Sister Bag Project 2015

Sister Bags are care packages designed to bring a little luxury, pampering, and inspiration to women going through a rough patch this season.
I am on a mission to create 100 Bags this season filled with Luxurious Personal Care Products and other goodies! So please purchase and donate products for a Sister Bag OR become a Sister Bag PROJECT MANAGER and create and donate bags in your local community!

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Bundling is BAD!

They’re always promoting it, the bundle: “It’s a great value” they say, “you’ll save money”, “it’s easier to manage.” Listen Read closely, DO NOT BUNDLE YOUR DOMAIN NAME AND WEBHOSTING. A few points of clarity. Your Domain Name is some version of Your webhost, is kinda like your address, it’s where all your information …

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Social Media Made Easy(er)

First off,  YES I know that’s not how you spell it LOL. Social Media Marketing is IT.  Many of the old school ways of doing things are simply ineffective and that’s just how it is.  What’s great about social media, is that if you understand how to do it, you can blow up…majorly.  Now HOW …

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Operation Detox

Atten…hut! Troops! An all-out war is being waged on our bodies. The enemy? Toxins. Every day our bodies are bombarded by toxins in our food, air, water, personal care products, even our indoor environment. Modest estimates show that we are exposed thousands of different toxic chemicals every day! It’s time to fight back with Operation …

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Psychologists Say Coloring Is The Best Alternative To Meditation

So you’re not into meditation you say? Ok, how about trying this? Posted from WordPress for Android Read More at

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SMART Phone 101

If you took the time to read my Adventures in Tech Blog about SMARTPhones, you know I think its a must for every entrepreneur who wants to work SMART vs hard.  So once you have the phone, what do you do with it?  That’s where I come in! Getting the phone is just the first step, then …

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