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Dec 31


Many men have bought into the notion that women (particularly Black women) are struggling to find a man and therefore desperate. They read the articles about the “man shortage” and think something like “I’m (a good man in his own opinion) in demand, so if I drop this Hello/Hi in her inbox/DMs she’ll be happy …

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Apr 06

Ladies & Gentlemen

Regarding the concept of “real women cook” being the same as “real men are chivalrous” FYI the equivalent of being a gentleman (opening doors, helping w/coats, getting the car so she doesn’t have to walk far in heels, offering your seat…) is on par with being “ladylike,” and things like wearing dresses/skirts, crossing your legs …

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Jul 27

The Independent Woman Myth

I would be in these interesting discussions and debates around what’s so with professional educated Black women and marriage and something just didn’t make any sense.  Finally, it clicked. Women say “independent’ and many men hear “I don’t/won’t/can’t play team.”

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Jul 25

Power Couple

I have encountered so many men who have dreams of entrepreneurship and financial independence who choose to be with needy woman and now complain about her lack of support. If more men understood that independent and entrepreneurial women make GREAT partners for life, I think the community would sky rocket to new levels of prosperity. …

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Sep 09

How do you know that?

During a fun conversation amongst friends about sensuality and sexuality, one friend remarked, “Is there ANYTHING,  Kania doesn’t have training or expertise in?”  It was funny, but here is the thing,  no I’m not a “know it all,”  I have spent at least 16 years studying sensuality and sexuality.  Why? I have never been one …

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Aug 29

Virtuous Vixen Relationship Advocate

It’s not about knowing everything, its about sharing what you know! See more Virtuous Videos Read More at

Aug 29

4 Common Mistakes Male “Relationship Experts” Make |

This article is a wonderful treatise on some ways relationship advocates are falling short. Take a moment to read & respond! Posted from WordPress for Android Read More at

Aug 22

Virtuous Vixen – Sex, touch, Virtue

What’s available to you with Virtuous Vixen programs? Lots, one woman liberated herself from promiscuity and reclaimed her virtue! Find out how See more Virtuous Videos Read More at

Aug 12


Image courtesy of dreamstime Today I am sharing about a missing I see in many relationships,  TENDERNESS.  Defined as being kind, affectionate, and gentle.  Men and women are operating so much in the masculine domain that we are not being and are not teaching our young people to be tender with one another.  We are …

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