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Jun 08

Everlasting Life!

I’m excited to be moving into the second phase of the Everlasting Life Detoxification & Regeneration Program. I was turned on to this a few years back (2008) while I lived in Chicago and it is phenomenal.  Challenging, but phenomenal.  It’s a multi-phased program designed to give a full body cleanse.  It hits all major …

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Feb 05

Candida Chronicles – Adrenal Fatigue

Bandages from week long patch test Still slugging away at this health challenge. Lots of great news. I have exhausted the  tests for contact dermatitis and found out I am allergic to Tea Tree Oil and Formaldehyde (did a week long patch test with my new Dermatologist). I kinda knew about the Tea Tree Oil …

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Jan 09

50 Clean Eating Snacks

Photo: http://skinnyms.com/50-clean-eating-snacks/ One of the biggest challenges to being healthy is healthy snacking.   Problem sloved –> http://skinnyms.com/50-clean-eating-snacks/ Read more at FitCoachKania.com