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Sep 29

Candida Chronicles #3

So the saga continues.  I am maintaining my treatment regimen,  have added a couple things, and am getting into the mind/spirit aspect of my healing. I am sad to say I’m seeing a resurgence of the hives 🙁  I think the prednisone was suppressing them and now that I’m off it…they’re back and itchy as …

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Sep 24

Watch “Candida Chronicles #2″ on YouTube

Candida Chronicles #2: http://youtu.be/Lb4nNgwvdaY Posted from WordPress for Android Read more at FitCoachKania.com

Sep 22

Candida Crisis Chronicles #1

It’s been a rough few weeks really accepting that what has been going on with me is indeed a candida crisis.  As I wrote in my last blog, after about two or three years of suffering from various symptoms finally got to the bottom of what was going on with my health, a Candida overgrowth …

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Sep 17


  How to Overcome Candida Naturally *sigh* I’m in the midst of a healing crisis and maaan it is kicking my butt. It all started about 2 years ago when I became gluten intolerant. I did a 21 day total body reset and when I tried to re-introduce bread back into my diet, all hell …

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Nov 17

Crying is good for the Spirit

This past month has been unbelievable. Scratch that, the past 2 months have been unbelievable. Since September 2, 2013, my whole world has been turned upside down…yet again.
First off, I went off and fell in love! Yep the Virtuous Vixen is smitten, and it’s wonderful. So if I’m so happy, why on earth am I writing about crying you ask. v

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Aug 13

Resentment & Upset

I thought I had released my upset around being fired from my part-time job and accepted the blessing liberation brought me. However, after picking up a dress I had on layaway, I guess my subconscious was triggered. My dream last night was about me trying to help and be a contribution and having my efforts …

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