Kania Kennedy is a native of Detroit, MI from a working class family focused on higher education. She received her elementary and middle school education from the Detroit Public Schools, and completed her secondary education as a scholarship student at University Liggett School. Kania attended Duke University and earned her Bachelor’s of Science in Electrical & Computer Engineering.

After completing her education at Duke University, Kania has worked in the Beauty, Hospitality, Fitness and non-profit industries. After losing her mother at the age of 19 and discovering what’s “really important” in life, she now has a passion for being of service and making a difference in the quality of people’s lives. Kania is an ordained minister, certified professional coach, keynote speaker, published author, and certified goddess steam practioner.

Currently, Kania  works with groups and individuals as a Wholistic Wellness Practitioner, Coach, and Workshop facilitator. She has committed her life to empowering people in living lives they love based on Integrity, Passion, Power, and Purpose.   What she knows for sure is that when given the proper nutrients, environment, and a mindset for success, Divine Healing is inevitable.  Her mission to assist people in realizing this truth and experiencing in for themselves.

When given the proper nutrients, environment, and a mindset for success, Divine Healing is inevitable.

Foods That Make You Fertile!

At the Fertility Family take a wholistic approach to conception.  Having a body that is ready to receive a baby involves the right mindset as well as environment.  We need to EAT FOR FERTILITY! 

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TechnoDiva Presents: Ministry Without Borders: Using Technology to Spread Love & Light Globally

Ministry Without Borders

In this digital age, it is easy, affordable, and most of all ESSENTIAL that New Thought Centers and Teachers leverage technology to expand their reach and make this healing word available to everyone.

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