Jan 31

Wellness Basics – Fertility Family Live!

Wellness Basics

Before you can have a happy healthy pregnancy, you want to be as HEALTHY AS POSSIBLE.  In this  Fertility Family Live event, Kania will be sharing as a Wellness Coach and laying out the steps we can take to optimize our health to prepare for our babies!! 

. If you have any existing health challenges such as:

* High Blood Pressure
* Diabetes
* Obesity
* Arthritis
* Depression
* Fibromyalgia
* etc…
You will learn how you can naturally impact these health concerns so that you can go into pregnancy as healthy as possible.

If there are any specific health questions you have be sure to send in a  message!

Make sure you order a copy of our reference text “The Naturopathic Approach to Fertility”


About the Fertility Family

Becoming a parent is a milestone in one’s life.  Having challenges conceiving, concerns about having a healthy baby, and/or creating a non-traditional family can be hard to do alone.  The Fertility Family offers insight, information, resources, and support on the journey to Parenthood.  While anyone seeking to become a parent is welcome. The FOCUSES of the family are primarily:

  •  Mature Woman (35+) wanting to conceive and carry naturally with concerns or CHALLENGES about having a health baby
  • Individuals OR Couples experiencing fertility challenges who may OR may not have already attempted IVF or other treatments
  •  Natural Solutions to Fertility Challenges Men and/or Women may be experiencing
  • Any individual or couple wanting to prepare themselves Mind Body & Spirit for a future pregnancy


  • LIVE Q&A with Fertility, Gynocological, Obsteric Experts
  • Support from other couples & individuals on the same journey
  • Answers to ALL your questions about conceiving, pregnancy, and childbirth

If you’re wanting to start your family, want a professional support team that cares about your wholistic well-being , and/or have concerns about age and/or fertility challenges, the Fertility Family is for you! 

Live Wednesday Evenings, replay available in the Group.

Make sure you order a copy of our reference text “The Naturopathic Approach to Fertility”, pick it up here –>  http://amzn.to/2mE3cTd

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