Jul 07

Wellness For Flint


Here is the good news; the human body is engineered to restore itself to wholeness and health!  Think about it, if someone breaks their arm, or gets cut if the bones are set and/or the wound disinfected and sealed, the body fixes it! When foreign objects and toxins are removed, and it has the tools it needs, the human body is amazing at repairing itself.  Therefore in order to overcome the health challenges of the #flintwatercrisis, the body simply has to be provided the right stuff to come back into balance.  Wellness Coaches Katina Love and Kania Kennedy created the Water Wellness Workshop to do just that!

Water WellnessAll attendees will receive:

  • Knowledge about how detox their bodies and improve their overall health and well-being
  • Step by step instruction on how to improve  their water quality
  • A Gift Bag
  • A Chance to Win one of the Water Wellness Starter Kits we’re giving away!*

*must be present to win a prize


Please RSVP to attend a Water Wellness Workshop so we can be prepared for you!

Show in Google map Metropolitan Baptist Tabernacle 930 E Myrtle Ave, Flint, Michigan 48505

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