Jan 23


Isn’t she great? I made her and she’s on my vision board!!

I am 41, I’ll be 42 in March and yes I am conceiving my first child this year!

I’m Natural Health practitioner, so when I decided I was going to do the baby thing (solo mind you I’m not married nor in LTR), I started doing some research on natural options for mature women looking to conceive.

In summer of 2016 I was introduced to the idea of wolistic womb care . This was BEFORE I was in baby-making mode.  I switched from commercial to natural feminine care products  after being educated about the level of toxins in popular brands and the impact n the health of our reproductive systems and bodies. I also began Vaginal Steams.

Back in 2014 at a  Wellness conference, I was in a class called “Yoni-versity,” where we were educated on why it’s important for women of childbearing age to be taking prenatals even before she’s trying to actively conceive! So since then I’ve been taking a prenatal vitamin.

In the fall of 2016 is when I truly got my mind wrapped around the idea a solo parenting (I’m not getting any younger, no husband in sight, and my family’s Legacy is definitely going to continue biologically). So in November I shared with friends and family my plan to conceive in 2017. I spoke with my naturopathic doctor  and he advised me to  continue with my prenatals, but ALSO added in some specific herbs to nourish the reproductive system, and educated me on the need to detox the body for anywhere from 3 months to up to a year depending on age and lifestyle! He explained about one reason why mature parents have a lot of trouble conceiving, carrying, and having Healthy Babies is due to the toxic load our bodies have accumulated over the years, and that’s both for men and women. So I begin the process of deep detoxification.  OMG, I got a lot more than I bargained for when I took that on (more on that later)!

In April of 2017 at a natural health conference I divinely  encountered a naturopathic doctor with over 20 years experience who had just written her book The naturopathic approach to Fertility.” I was blessed with a copy!!  Dr. Julissa is PHENOMENAL, her book is great, and I am using it as a guide to help me prepare myself mind body and spirit to conceive #babyfabulous.

We go live Wed 1/24/18 7p EST!!

MOREOVER, Spirit then directed me to support other women and couples on this journey so they can also have happy healthy pregnancies naturally. So last year I finally decide to be obedient, and launch The Fertility FamilyI  will be pursuing IUI with donor sperm, and if all goes according to plan I’ll do my first, and ONLY round of IUI in Spring of this year!

This image is what I have on my vision board to remind me of what I say is happening for me this year! I am excited  and know that  with the right conditions  mindset, I will conceive, carry, and give birth. I am divinely designed to create and have babies I just have to get out the way so that God and my body can do their jobs!


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