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Can CBD Reduce Nausea?

The seemingly uncontrollably feeling of nausea is arguably one of the worst feelings. It has actually made it onto the list of qualified conditions for medical cannabis. Perpetual nausea is a chronic condition that practically paralyzes a person, making them feel too ill to do anything.

Where does nausea come from?

While nausea comes from the gut, digestion issues are rarely the reason it occurs. There are many causes of nausea, including motion sickness, addiction withdrawal, intense pain, infections, chemotherapy/radiation, stress, fear, and most commonly, pregnancy. It’s a long list for nausea, and everybody has experienced it.

Now there are so many causes and cases of nausea, yet not that many treatments for it. Prevention has been the best remedy so far, including consuming a good diet, avoiding bad habits and generally taking good care of yourself. But even after implementing prevention into your lifestyle, you are still not immune to experiencing nausea.

How CBD can help:

According to a study published in 2012 by Linda A Parker , cannabidiol showed a prominent decrease in vomiting and nausea through a chemical that triggers the autoreceptors in the brain. Nausea occurs as a side effect of many treatments to other conditions including chemotherapy and SSRIs (selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors) which treat a range of mood disorders like depression, stress, and anxiety. 

The favored forms of ingestion may differ depending on the cause of nausea. Those who tend to more commonly experience motion sickness and stress related nausea tend to buy cannabis edibles. While those who feel nausea from a related illness may prefer to use an oil.

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