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Does CBD React with Other Medications?

Now that CBD is starting to become more well known in the holistic industry, people are discovering its natural yet effective qualities. While CBD has spawned many success stories from users who deal with nausea, pain and inflammation , and anxiety, one of the most frequent questions we get asked is if CBD will interfere with other medications these patients are taking.

Let us introduce you to the Cytochrome system.

Cytochrome P-450 is an enzyme system in the liver that is responsible for 90% of the medicinal metabolism. This is where the medicine you take metabolizes. There are more than 50 enzymes in this system that regulate, process and eliminate toxins. When doctors prescribe long term medication, they keep the metabolizing capacity of this system in mind. The determined length of time for taking a medication is determined by the health of your liver. If your liver is not in the best condition, then your cytochrome system will take more time to metabolize medication.

Now that you understand where the medication you take is broken down, where does CBD fit in? If the drug metabolism in your cytochrome system is slowed and taken together with other medication, there could be a chance that your system’s ability to metabolize will be slowed. Your liver could be storing a higher level of medication than it can break down at a time, putting its health at risk. The best way to prevent this process is to take the correct dosage of each medicine. Make sure to consult with your doctor before adding any medication to your routine and changing the dosages.

What drugs are more likely to be affected by CBD?

Although any drug is at risk to react with CBD in the enzyme system, the following drugs are listed by the Indiana University of Medicine:

  •   Anti-arythmics
  •   Antibiotics
  •   Anesthetics
  •   Antipsychotics
  •   Antidepressants
  •   Anti-epileptics
  •   Antihistamines
  •   Angiotension II blockers
  •   Beta blockers
  •   Benzodiazepines
  •   Calcium channel blockers
  •   HIV antivirals
  •   HMG-CoA reductase inhibitors
  •   Immune modulators
  •   NSAIDs
  •   Oral hypoglycemic agents
  •   Prokinetics
  •   PPIs
  •   Steroids
  •   Sulfonylureas

This list is subject to changes as more research is done, but ultimately, we recommend patients to speak to their physicians and inquire about your CBD usage while you’re on other medications.

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