Mar 12

Foods That Make You Fertile!

Download of the Fertility Family, Foods that Make You Fertile Document

Download a PDF Version!

Like anything else we here at the Fertility Family take a wholistic approach to conception.  Having a body that is ready to receive a baby involves the right mindset as well as environment.  That means we need a healthy womb! 

In addition to our Feminine Health Health Starter Kit practice, and getting our Goddess Steams on a regular basis,  we ALSO want to EAT FOR FERTILITY too! 

This outlines foods we can eat during different times of our cycle to create the optimal environment to conceive!  Enjoy! 


Medicine Woman Kania Kennedys Fertility Family supports you in having a happy healthy pregnancy whether youre mature or experiencing reproductive or infertility issues

If you’re experiencing Fertility Challenges or planning on having a baby please join our Fertility Family, Pregnancy Support Group!

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