Dec 19

Friends with Benefits – doable or NOT

My thoughts on:

How To Get All The Benefits And None Of The Drama Of A Friend With Benefits | Madame Noire | Black Women’s Lifestyle Guide | Black Hair | Black Love .

 I think if a woman is going to have non-committal sex she has to limit the interactions b/c the greater the frequency the more that oxytocin is going to cause her to bond to him. I think it should be just enough to take the edge off during that time of the month your body is just screaming for sex (usually means you’re fertile). Sex CANNOT be a stress reliever b/c you will catch feelings and get hurt.

 I also think its sad that the world is trying to promote these types of arrangements. Sex is powerful and sacred and should be treated as such.

Agreeing to these types of “arrangements”  just prolongs adolescent male behavior in grown men. If women keep agreeing to “just sex” men never have to grow up and be responsible and committed. It doesn’t help the woman, the man, or the community.

What the hell is a “disposable friend” this article is ridiculous

” That’s what this is about: each of you getting someone out of it. Not about necessarily giving to the other person or compromising.”

REALLY?!! Is this article REALLY advocating getting vs giving? What the hell kind of person would really promote this?!! And we wonder why the world is so screwed up!!!

 So many people are unhappy, friendless, and lonely b/c they do now know how to be in a relationship of any sort. This FWB thing is just another way for people to avoid intimacy. So sad

“Don’t Get MAd” if he cancels or doesn’t listen to you?

Wow a real FRIEND will respect you and Your time. This is retarded

“wear condoms” LOL condoms don’t protect you from all STDs so its dumb to sleep with a person an not know if he’s sleeping with other people too.

All in all I find this article to be stupid and promoting women to make bad sexual choices.  My “Single & Satisfied” course is designed to help women maintain themselves while manifesting Mr. right


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