Mar 24

Get Graphic

Like it or not, people don’t like read these days, but a picture says a thousand (1000) words.  Technology is all about quickness and efficiency so long drawn out prose is not the way to go.  An image on the other hand can convey a lot of information quickly, this is another reason you want to have a graphic designer on your team.

Facebook:  Facebook status updates are a great way to connect with your fans, but how do you stand out amongst ALL the other updates scrolling down the page?  USE A PICTURE!!! If you don’t use the option to upload a picture on your Wall/Timeline hurry up and make that change (call me if you don’t know how).  No one wants to look at a page full of text! Look at this page facebook.com/divadancepage and see how the images are eye-catching AND related to the post topic. 

Twitter : Twitter ONLY allows about 144 characters so you can’t write that much, but you can use Twit Pics !  If you have followed my instructions in Upgrade Boot Camp Advanced Course, you have already linked all your social media accounts up so when you add a picture here, it goes EVERYWHERE.  Look at this twitter timeline and check out the ones with photos attached @spectaclularexpo

Youtube & Animoto : If a picture says 1000 words a video can say 1 million (1,000,000).  People don’t read but they will  watch and/or listen (for a about 30-60secs) so if you can create a video you’re golden!  Animoto is a service that allows you to make short videos from pictures you have and you can upload them onto your youtube channel, facebook page, & twitpic account for free to share with your social networks!


Alrighty folks, now go forth and be graphic with your customers & fans!

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