Sep 09

How do you know that?


During a fun conversation amongst friends about sensuality and sexuality, one friend remarked, “Is there ANYTHING,  Kania doesn’t have training or expertise in?”  It was funny, but here is the thing,  no I’m not a “know it all,”  I have spent at least 16 years studying sensuality and sexuality. 

Why? I have never been one to have sex for sport. It all about bonding,  building, and connecting.  I do/did however want to have some knowledge and skills when I do/did have sexual encounters. There is no need to learn by trial and error, and yes you can be a Vixen and very sexually intelligent without being promiscuous or even sexually active. We only improve our relationships with our selves and others by educating and empowering ourselves in the area of sex!

Just think about how much fun you can have applying that knowledge inside a loving committed relationship! ~Virtuous Vixen  #virtuousvixen

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