Feb 13

How to Forgive and Release

Very often we hear that to forgive is divine, or that we need to release and let go which sounds great, but no one ever tells us how to do it! 

One of the reasons I was drawn to Ministry and holistic health is I was interested in Practical applications of theories that sound great. I know there’s a way to to go about doing forgiveness work, and releasing emotional trauma so I began to study and learn.

Today, there was a Facebook post where someone asked how and I immediately begin writing and sharing these steps with her. Then it occurred to me that most people probably need this information and so I’m sharing it here enjoy!

Practical Steps to Forgive & Release

  • Reflect – Take some time to pray and meditate. Thank the Divine (whatever term you like to use God, Spirit, Allah, etc..) for revealing to you the good in that scenario. Meaning the lesson there was for you to get out of it.
  • Record– Take a few minutes to journal after doing this reflection in meditation to see what comes to you. Stay open throughout the days as you repeat this for any insights and record them.
  • Speak forgiveness and Release – Say aloud” I forgive ____ for ____, and release ___ into the loving energy of the Divine.”
  • Express gratitude – “I am grateful to ____ for being a messenger to me and my life, I receive this message, have learned from it, and never need to repeat it again.”
  • Repeat– Repeat all of the above until any upset or anger no longer exist in your body. You can tell by the way you feel when you think about the incident or person.


You can help speed up this process using essential oil and flower essences

Renew Releasing Blend

How It Works:
Environmental and emotional pressures can accumulate, leaving us feeling bogged down and taxed at day’s end.

Prepare to let go of unwanted burdens with RENEW releasing blend. Featuring a selection of authentic essential oils specifically chosen for their balancing and calming properties, RENEW Releasing Blend can help you restart and recharge, leaving you ready to face whatever life may present. https://goo.gl/VngJUo

Doing the aforementioned while using this essential oil blend in a diffuser or simply inhaling it three to five times before starting the medication can help speed up the process. Three to five times before starting the medication can help speed up the process


Keep Cool Vented Anger Formula

• May assist the body with feelings of anger and irritability.
• May also assist with empathy and communication

How It Works:
Flower Essences are liquid extracts developed for modern issues of emotional and physical stress.

Unlike essential oils which should pretty much be applied topically or inhaled, Flower Essences can be taken internally.



Kania – A Diva Medicine Woman, Coach, Minister

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