Jul 31

I’m a Survivor

Slowly coming out of this fog. The last few years have been a STRUGGLE. Life got turned upside down, a couple times! Health challenges, housing drama, job drama, business dilemmas, and losing my sister/BFF/business partner/Plan B (we planned to simply grow old together if we never met Mr. Right LOL) left me reeling and using every tool I developed over the years to keep my head above water. It felt like I was in a storm clinging to a life preserver.


Photo: http://m.news24.com/news24/SouthAfrica/News/Knysna-schoolboy-shrugs-off-attention-after-saving-drowning-man-20150504

That’s the thing though. LIFE IS GONNA HAPPEN. There is no guarantee it’s gonna be smooth sailing. In fact I guarantee there will be storms, sometimes freaking monsoons and hurricanes! What matters is whether or not you survive them. Luckily, I was/am prepared. When you know what’s coming you can be ready AND rest assured you’ll make it through.  Yes you will take some hits, may even get tossed around and take some damage, but the core/essence of who you are will ride it out, but only if you’re ready.

My preparation started when my Mom got sick. At 12 yrs old I didn’t think I had only 7 yrs left with her on the planet. I didn’t think I only had 3 left with her able to talk, move and guide me. When she died when I was 19 and somehow I kept going, I knew I could survive anything. Losing my mother is unlike ANYTHING I have ever experienced. Losing a job, friend, man, any material item pales in comparison. I value those things and miss them, but nothing in compared to that…until my sister died.

At times I have felt like it was too much. Losing my lifelong companion in and the emotional and physical toll it on me, combined with all the other upheavals was overwhelming to say the least. Many times I wanted to give up, a truly contemplated it. Thank God for my tools. My friends, lifestyle, training, and faith helped keep me afloat. Tools like meditation, affirmative prayer, yoga, clean eating, herbal supplements, coaching, dance, and more, serve as my lifelines.

The work I do as a life coach and Diva Makeover facilitator comes from more than just reading theories or training and certifications (although I have plenty). It comes from living through life storms and not just surviving, but thriving!


As I come out of this latest monsoon, I know myself to be even stronger than I realized. I am back in action! I’m feeling stronger physically, emotionally, and mentally; my body is healing (still not 100% but on the upswing), my heart is open again, my sexy is back (whoo hoo), and my mind is clicking again!

I can say there is no quick fix, but there is ALWAYS a solution. Often the first step is realizing you need assistance in navigating your way out of your storm AND if you haven’t hit one yet, preparing yourself for the inevitable hurricane that’s coming. I’m available to be a coach/trainer/guide for anyone who wants one!


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