Feb 22

Internet Love

So I’m in my new position as a Divalicious Bridal Gown Consultant and I am LOOOVING IT!!!   I knew I would love this job for a variety of reasons, the number one being qualified leads for my Diva Dance Divas Night Bachelorette Party Business LOL. However, on top of that I get to play dress up everyday with REAL LIVE DOLLS WOMEN, I get paid a commision for each dress I sell lead I connect with, AND I get to meet and build relationships with lots of awesome people!

So today I met a bride who met her honey ONLINE.  I’ve been playing around with this internet dating thing, but today I got real live proof that it can work! So I have a renewed commitment to putting effort into this online dating thing.  She met her boo on Plenty of Fish and I have a profile there that I haven’t checked in awhile so I went on today and updated for my new location.  I should probably add new pictures too hug.

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