Dec 13

Is Beyoncé a hypocrite?


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My response: Dave Cuz you’re not a woman, so perhaps you don’t understand the msgs we’re raised with that she is questioning.  This is not bashing marriage, simply pointing out issues in our current culture.  If we raise girls to marry, but men to run from commitment, we have what we have now. Lots of sad single women feeling like failures because they can’t convince a man who is anti – marriage to marry her.  If we raise women not to be sexually confident we have what we have many “good” girls who men think are boring, and men chasing “bad” yet sexually liberated women.

What the song points to is that we need to shift the conversation for boys to more pro marriage & relationships and less sexual promiscuity.  We need to shift the conversation for girls to more sexual/sensual comfort and less having a man/marriage as the end all be all.  She also demonstrates being pro-marriage in the song so she’s not saying nor demonstrating in her life being anti-man or anti-marriage.  Great piece.

I am aware these are not her (Beyoncé’s) verses, but it is a song on her album. What do YOU think she was communicating? Do you agree with my opinion?

BTW I am happy she has a new album that is sparking debate and look forward to listening and dancing to it!

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