Dec 23

Learn to Read the Signs


I’ve seen this video circulating on Fb and after reading many male responses I’m confused.   LOL what’s so hard to understand, she just wants him to say he WANTS her to come by. Women don’t like feeling like the man is indifferent to us, we want to be desired.

She wanted to hear him say,

“Yes I’d love to see you,” or “Yes I want you to come over,”

not “It’s cool, I’m not trippin,” which sounds like, “whatever, come, don’t come, I don’t care either way.”

Women relate to how what men say makes us feel.  Don’t have to like it or understand it, but accepting and knowing what women want to hear gives a man an opportunity to deliver…or not.


This video points to one of the reasons women don’t need to chase men. If a man WANTS to see you he’ll call.

Yes RECIPROCATE, but if you always have to initiate the interaction, “he’s just not that into you.”

She should have ended it from jump. Like “Okay sounds like you busy, maybe another time, call me if you wanna hang,” and gone on her merry way.  She was trying to lead him into something he obviously wasn’t feeling.  Trust if he was happy about the prospect of seeing her, he wouldn’t have needed to take a moment to place her, AND he would’ve been enthused when she suggested coming through. NBD, he wasn’t feeling her and she was trying to force an outcome.


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