Jul 25

Power Couple


I have encountered so many men who have dreams of entrepreneurship and financial independence who choose to be with needy woman and now complain about her lack of support. If more men understood that independent and entrepreneurial women make GREAT partners for life, I think the community would sky rocket to new levels of prosperity.

Being with a “need a man to survive” woman is an easy way to feel like you’re accomplishing something in life.  “Taking care of her” gives a man purpose and makes him feel like a contribution.  The thing is, we are meant for more than helping another capable adult survive the world and when that calling gets really loud and he wants to follow it, he finds himself in a domestic situation that is not aligned with his dream and it’s holding so many men back from greatness.

We need to teach boys & girls to stop looking for their greatness in others.  Not to measure our accomplishments on how pretty the girl is or how rich the guy is.  Instead we need to teach them (and in many cases learn for ourselves) that our greatness lies is doing out best and helping others do the same!

The independent or entrepreneurial woman is a treasure because she can hold things down while he takes the risk to get them to the next level and/or she understands the drive and focus it takes to fulfill on a dream.  The type of love and support we offer a man is crucial to success, but he has to value it and stop playing small.

~ Kania Kennedy​ aka The Virtuous Vixen​

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