Aug 13

Resentment & Upset


I thought I had released my upset around being fired from my part-time job and accepted the blessing liberation brought me. However, after picking up a dress I had on layaway, I guess my subconscious was triggered.

My dream last night was about me trying to help and be a contribution and having my efforts taken as something malicious and wrong. It echoes my feelings around this most recent job situation and others in the past. Feelings of being misunderstood and wronged.

It’s a victim mentality and doesn’t serve me well yet despite all my affirmations and denials, it showed up in my dreams last night nonetheless. I called in the big guns…Silent Unity!

I needed a prayer partner. I needed to be gathered in the name and the presence of God to really take on releasing these feelings and walk in love forgiveness and knowing all is for my best highest and good.

I called 1-800-NOW PRAY, and it truly made a difference. All I can say is that prayer does work, and sometimes having someone pray with and for you, is the best solution it when seems like your efforts alone are insufficient.

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