Jan 20

Spotlight -Ajé WuRa, Fertility Family Team


Aje Wu-ra is a Certified Womb Sauna Practitioner and Trainer , Certified Inner Health & Wellness LyfeStyle Coach and Spirit Speaker. She is the Executive Visionary at The SweetSpot VTox Boutique Atlanta, A Premier Upscale Internal Holistic Pampering, VToxing and Detoxing Studio for Wombman and the Community. 
She has brought The Ancient Healing Arts of Health and Wellness back to various cultural communities in the Metro Atlanta area. Aje’ Wu-RA has connected the community by way of Self Love and Self Care she is a Wellness advocate Representative and Community Activist in advancing the people of her community to Higher and Advanced Knowledge of Self and definitely the Indigenous Art of Healing Thyself. 

She believes that “Together thru Collective Community Healing We can fight the epidemic and lead our families in health and fitness”



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