Nov 05

Vixen Chronicles – And it’s a bust :-(

I chose not to renew my subscription on Match this month.  It just wasn’t working for me, it also didn’t work for the girlfriend I took on the experiment with LOL.  I’m not sure what parameters they are using to make their suggestions, but most of the guys they sent my way were…interesting to say the least.

To be fair I can’t say I went all out and gave everyone a chance, but I DID do a few meet-n-greets.  I was excited about the new feature STIR, but each time I went to sign up, they were full so the opportunity to meet some of these guys face to face without the pressure of being on a “date” didn’t present itself (although I LOOOVE the concept).

I did take the time to search through the database and even reached out to a few men.  What was odd was that MOST of them didn’t respond back!  There could be a myriad of reasons, but I know for sure that many profiles are just place holders so perhaps they weren’t real men.  I GUESS there is the possibility that they weren’t feeling me, but I just don’t see that as being the reason.  Yes I know that sounds  little pompous, but I’m just being real, LOL.

Of the men I did exchange email, phone conversations with, or meet, I just wasn’t hooked.  To their credit, I didn’t encounter ANY crazies, which was a concern, but there was no chemistry either.  I did meet one REALLY interesting guy on OKCupid, however; it seems like life is getting in the way of us connecting, but there is future possibility.

The GOOD THING is that I am NOT soured on online dating, but I am going to stick with the free sites for now, like OKCupid and MAYBE Plenty of Fish (IDK about that one though).  If nothing else I can continue to hone my dating skills and increase the probabilty of connecting with Mr. Extraordinary!

Stay tuned for updates!

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