Nov 17


Yep, I’ve been a needed a good win for a while now.  I always say I’m not competitive, but I am now clear that liking or needing to win isn’t necessarily about beating anyone else and can be more about receiving public acknowledgement for succeeding or doing a good job at something.

This revelation is coming off the heels of me doing my “ice-breaker” speech at Toastmasters and being voted best speaker of the day.  Now on the one-hand I know I am a great speaker, so winning shouldn’t come as a surprise, but I will tell you, it felt good to be recognized!

In the past 10 years or so, a LOT of things I have done have been behind the scenes or on a small scale and I haven’t gotten a lot of public accolades.  I don’t do the work I do for accolades, I do it to make a difference, so I wasn’t too concerned with a lack of awards, but I’m thinking there could be something to this.

I was hesitant to join Toastmasters because I am a proficient speaker and presenter already.  The reason I ultimately joined is to get feedback, practice, and  revisit the basics of public speaking, moreover; it would be put me in the company of other people in the professional speaking world which could be good for networking and opportunities.

I was a little nervous about the presentation, especially; because it was all about me.  Regardless I got up there and did my thing and rocked it!  There were Distinguished Toastmasters who spoke the same day, and out of all three presentations, I was voted best.  I will cherish my certificate and keep it as a reminder that even us non-competitive people can get something out winning!

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