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Mar 21

What does full spectrum CBD mean?

Since CBD was introduced into the pharmaceutical industry and holistic community, it has revolutionized the availability and efficacy of natural treatments.  CBD comes in different ways to consume it, from cbd oil to cbd gummies and terpenes. In CBD hemp edibles , you will find two formulations: full spectrum CBD and isolate CBD. But which …

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Mar 14


About 1.2 million people in the United States are diagnosed with HIV, and out of those, about 15 to 20% did not know that they had contracted HIV. The severity of HIV is clear, yet about 35 million people have died of HIV. Luckily, there is a ton of research being done and progress made …

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Mar 07

What Does Taking CBD Feel Like?

One of the most frequently asked questions we get is: If it doesn’t have any THC, what will I feel? Despite its controversial origination, CBD is slowly becoming accepted and normalized. The health benefits associated with CBD and the studies that have been published have been able to destigmatize the plant so far, so now …

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Feb 28

Can CBD Reduce Nausea?

The seemingly uncontrollably feeling of nausea is arguably one of the worst feelings. It has actually made it onto the list of qualified conditions for medical cannabis. Perpetual nausea is a chronic condition that practically paralyzes a person, making them feel too ill to do anything. Where does nausea come from? While nausea comes from …

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Feb 23

Does CBD React with Other Medications?

Now that CBD is starting to become more well known in the holistic industry, people are discovering its natural yet effective qualities. While CBD has spawned many success stories from users who deal with nausea, pain and inflammation , and anxiety, one of the most frequent questions we get asked is if CBD will interfere with …

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Feb 21

Work Related Back Pain

[youtube] We work 9 to 5 just to stay alive, but while we’re financially staying alive, are we taking care of our bodies? When we sit at a desk all day, what is actually happening to our backs? 31 Million Americans in the workforce have had work-related lower back pain at least once in …

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Feb 13

How to Forgive and Release

Very often we hear that to forgive is divine, or that we need to release and let go which sounds great, but no one ever tells us how to do it! 

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Jan 14

5 Signs of Generalized Anxiety

Generalized anxiety is more than just the two minutes of jitters before you have to speak publicly, or feeling anxious because of a big change in your life. These instances are only temporary. But always anticipating a negative outcome, or constantly worrying that one will happen, is something more long lasting and concerning. So, how …

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Dec 28

Does CBD have any Side Effects?

The research about the benefits and applications of Cannabidiol (CBD) have been consistent and clear. Because of this, CBD products are legally available online and in stores, due to not containing any THC. Consumers are so far convinced of the nutritional, physiological and medicinal uses of hemp oil. We see more and more users that …

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Dec 23

7 Reasons You Need CBD Oil in Your Kitchen (and Medicine Cabinet)

Marijuana is now legal for medicinal use in 26 states and the District of Columbia, and for recreational use in seven, but contrary to what some media may have us believe, this doesn’t mean that people are just sitting back and getting high. Cannabis is actually a very powerful medicinal plant that has been used …

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