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Feb 28

Upgrade Basics 3/6/18 – TechnoDiva

If you find yourself frustrated when you think about building or maintaining a website or when you hear terms like “cloud-based” computing, this is the workshop for you! I will take you step by step through the process of setting your small or emerging business to look professional and operate efficiently. SOME TOPICS COVERED Upgrading …

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Feb 13

Free Business Number – TechnoDiva

If you didn’t know, Google Voice,   is the FREE (for now) PHONE NUMBER service offered by Google . Google Voice gives you a local phone number and you can manage it all from your desktop or phone. The Google Voice App (Android & Iphone) allows your to make/take Google Voice calls and HIDE your personal cell phone number.  …

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Sep 23

Business Savvy

Today I was reminded why I started doing Small Business Technology consulting. FYI by training in college, I am an electrical and computer engineer. I got my degree right as the “internet” launched (LOL yes I am mature). I remember learning HTML and sending email via PINE!! My passion however is music, dance, and helping …

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Sep 14


Hello Fam!  I know it’s been a minute, but I hadn’t come across any new technology tools in a minute…until today! FYI my primary business is empowering women in looking, feeling, and being their best.  I do that as a Life Coach, Beauty & Wellness Consultant, and Dance & Fitness Instructor.  One of the biggest …

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Jan 21


These days people have SHORT ATTENTION SPANS, you need to catch your target market’s eye if you want them to notice and eventually choose to do business with you. GRAPHICS are a GREAT WAY to do that…BUT they have to look good.

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Nov 30

Be SMART not Greedy!

Many clients are hesitant to sign up for services like paypal or squareup because they don’t want to pay fees. Or try to pass the fees on to their customers, but my stance is You can have 100% of nothing…or 97% of your rate. Be SMART, not greedy.

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Oct 19

Social Media Made Easy(er)

I have something that will make IMPLEMENTATION of that strategy simpler, especially if you’re still holding down a job and managing a full schedule AND working your business!

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Oct 14

Well Done Grasshopper!

Hey Business Pioneers!  Back in the day I shared with you some of my BASIC tools reccomended to UPGRADE your business and I have GREAT NEWS!!  There is a new player in the Small Business Phone Solution market (new to me) and one very necessary as my old go to has priced themselves out of …

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Apr 01

TechTalk April 2014 – App SMARTS

Are you maximizing that SMARTPhone? The Top 10 Apps EVERY Entrepreneur should have on their SMARTPhone!

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Mar 04

TechTalk March 2014 – Google Guru

Using Google Applications for your business – Live online monthly session with TechnoDiva!

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