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Apr 12

Foods to Fight Inflammation – The Natural Cure Posted from WordPress for Android

Mar 01

Hashimoto's it is more than just a thyroid disease! – EAT FIT HEALTH

God is good! I just got a call from my Aunt. She was excited because she saw a television story about a woman dealing with symptoms similar to mine and explaining the connection between leaky gut, eczema, preservatives in the food, gluten, thyroid, fatigue, and everything else! She called me with a name and is …

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Feb 05

Candida Chronicles – Adrenal Fatigue

Still slugging away at this health challenge. Lots of great news. I have exhausted the  tests for contact dermatitis and found out I am allergic to Tea Tree Oil and Formaldehyde (did a week long patch test with my new Dermatologist). I kinda knew about the Tea Tree Oil because any time I tried to …

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Nov 12

Candida Chronicles – Filter out the bad!

Its time to take it to the next level.  There are chemicals in water that irritate the skin so it was suggested that I look into a water filter to help with my situation.  So I ordered and installed this baby a few weeks ago.  While I am still dealing with some facial issues, the …

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Nov 10

Candida Chronicles – Vitamin C & Acid Washing?

The journey continues.  I am still on the ultimate-candida diet and actually enjoying fixing yummy and unique foods.  The problem is that I am still experiencing issues such as eczema, inflammation, and itching 🙁 I know a lot about beauty an skin care, but this thing has me stumped. So I did what I know …

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Nov 09

Candida Chronicles – Liver/Lymph Cleanse

Continuing my digestive system cleanse

Nov 09

Candida Chronicles #8 – The Drs

Covering all bases, checking out an allergist & GI! Conventional medicine doesn’t seem to be helping but I’m giving the MDs a chance to help out. Also continuing with emotional release and healing.

Nov 09

Candida Chronicles #9 – Cleanse & Detox

Gotta hit this on multiple fronts. Taking on a full digestive system cleanse. More at

Nov 09

Candida Chronicles #10 – The Saga Continues

Making some changes in my care team, integrative medicine & emotional release continues.

Nov 07

Candida Chronicles – TCM

So it’s been almost 2 months and I am having to work hard tonstay encouraged. The great news is reinforcements arrived last Wednesday.  My good friend came down to help me out for a couple weeks.  My sister-friend is also committed to health and wellness,  yet has her own challenges to overcome. I am soooo …

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