Jul 29

Soulmate Series: The Beginning

black-couple-smiling-pf-378x334Meet your Soulmate Team! We want you to be excited and ready for the upcoming retreat so we’re offering complementary introductory seminars with your lead presenters! This is your manifesting and cultivating love boot camp!


  • 10:00 a – Dr. Teresa Ayers – What language are we speaking again?
  • 11:00 a – Coach Versandra Kennebrew – You Feel me? Is your non-verbal love language working for you or against you? What message is your partner receiving from your non-verbal communication? You may be surprised at your partner’s answer to this question. Could the real question you should ask be, “You Feel Me?
  • 12:00 p – Coach Kania Kennedy – Warrior & Diva Dating: If love is a battlefield, this is the secret strategy to win the war!


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