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Feb 28

Myth Buster: A Calorie is NOT a Calorie!

By: Dr. Jay P. Vanden Heuvel PhD, IMD & Jayna Van De Hey – Certified Health Coach and Wellness Specialist Weight-loss. A simple concept, yet one of the most difficult things to achieve. Why? Because many of us were led to believe that calories in, must be less than calories out. Basically, the consensus was if we exercise enough, we can …

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Feb 27

Eating Fruit and Veggie Skins: What’s the A-peel?

The other night I was at dinner with friends. The main course: twice-baked potatoes. After emptying out my meal’s tasty innards, I moved onto the shell—the crispy, even tastier potato skin. No one else at the table thought that was a normal thing to do, however, and I continue my defense of the decision here. …

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Feb 26

What 90 Million Americans Adults are Already Headed For (but May Not Know)

By Dr. Jay P. Vanden Heuvel PhD, IMD, DHS Many times, it takes what is currently in the news to wake everyone up to a health condition. Take the passing of singer George Michael 12/25/16. His cause of death was attributed to something called “Fatty Liver”. A hidden scourge often overlooked or missed because it is, like cardiovascular concerns, silent. …

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Feb 26

The “Eye–Popping” Power of a Stress Reducing Natural!

Stress can stop us in our tracks While it may be commonplace in today’s world, ongoing stress can have truly disastrous effects on your health, relationships, productivity and overall quality of life. [1]  Even the American Medical Association has acknowledged that stress is the basic cause of more than 60% of all human illness. The fact is, you …

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Feb 24

Science Validates Herbs!

Q&A with Dr. Jay Vanden Heuvel PhD, IMD, DHS Dr. Jay Vanden Heuvel, Ph.D., IMD., DHS, is a highly educated scientist. He is board certified in Orthomolecular and Integrative Medicine, World Organization of Natural Medicine, and in Holistic Health. Jay recently was awarded the Order of Excellence in Integrative Medicine 2016 from the World Organization of Natural Medicine and University of Humanitarian Medicine Clinics for …

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Feb 24

The Heart of the Matter

By: Dr. Jay P. Vanden Heuvel PhD, IMD & Jayna Van De Hey – Certified Health Coach and Wellness Specialist We all are aware of those who are being seen for or worried about their heart health. And we all should be concerned with circulation. But as history shows, sometimes we get the understanding of any system wrong. Take cholesterol …

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Feb 16

8 Categories of Herbs

Why Herbs? They contain hundreds and even thousands of phytochemicals, minerals, vitamins, that all work synergistically to balance the body. Herbs have been discovered throughout history by what is known as signatures: Smell, Taste, Color, Texture, Intuition, and plant societies. 6 reasons to use Herbs: Long history of safety Long history of efficacy Herbs are whole …

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Feb 09

Quick Reference on Essential Oils

Quick Reference on Essential Oils Plants are in tune with nature and with us. Vice versa as well! That’s why using natural offerings such as Essential Oils, daily, makes sense in a sometimes cold, mechanical, and often artificial/synthetic world. We can help regain our connection to nature with daily use. Oils just resonate with who …

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Nov 25

The Best Ever Solution for Eliminating Bloating

If you’ve ever struggled to zip up your favorite pair of jeans, you get it—bloating is the worst! Uncover the totally natural way to banish it forever. The post The Best Ever Solution for Eliminating Bloating appeared first on Natures Institute . Read the Entire Article!

Nov 24

2 Things to Eat to Reduce High Cholesterol

While eating too many of the wrong foods causes high cholesterol, eating the right foods can help cure it. Read on for two things you should add to your plate. The post 2 Things to Eat to Reduce High Cholesterol appeared first on Natures Institute . Read the Entire Article!

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