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Feb 28

Wellness Action Plans

ailing to plan = Planning to fail.  You want to be “healthy,” but do you have a plan?  Is your plan put together by a knowledgeable  professional who takes a wholistic view of your health and well-being?  Does their fitness or weight-loss program take into account the Spiritual and Emotional aspects of your life? 

As a Certified Health Coach, Medicine Woman, and Minister, Kania is uniquely qualified to create a personalized strategy that will set you up to #WINWELLNESS and hit your #WELLNESSGOALS! 

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Jul 31

I’m a Survivor

LIFE IS GONNA HAPPEN. There is no guarantee it’s gonna be smooth sailing. In fact I guarantee there will be storms, sometimes freaking monsoons and hurricanes! What matters is whether or not you survive them.

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Jul 02

Coaching with Kania

I am a LIFE COACH. That means we look at the full spectrum of what it means to be a balanced person and when/if we identify areas that are not optimal or specific goals that you want to achieve, we go to work. Using a combination of formal training and intuition, I hear beyond what’s being said and will cut through the story and so YOU can get to the truth and start the transformation. If you’re ready to create a life you love, schedule your Transformation Consultation today and let’s get started.

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Jul 29

Soulmate Series: The Beginning

Meet your Soulmate Team! We want you to be excited and ready for the upcoming retreat so we’re offering complementary introductory seminars with your lead presenters! This is your manifesting and cultivating love boot camp!   10:00 a – Dr. Teresa Ayers – What language are we speaking again? 11:00 a – Coach Versandra Kennebrew …

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