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Jun 17

Making Lemonade

It’s been eight months since my sister transitioned.  It is hard to believe because I still cannot imagine life without “Nikki.”  She is my older sister and has been with me my entire life.  My first friend (and enemy) and most trusted confidant.  We shared EVERYTHING even when we didn’t want to.  We shared a …

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Nov 17

Crying is good for the Spirit

This past month has been unbelievable. Scratch that, the past 2 months have been unbelievable. Since September 2, 2013, my whole world has been turned upside down…yet again.
First off, I went off and fell in love! Yep the Virtuous Vixen is smitten, and it’s wonderful. So if I’m so happy, why on earth am I writing about crying you ask. v

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