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Mar 20

Snacking When You Have Gestational Diabetes

High blood glucose levels during pregnancy can impact the health of the mother and baby. Keeping blood glucose levels close to normal can prevent a problematic birth and decrease your baby’s risk of developing diabetes. When you eat foods containing carbohydrates, like cornbread, grits, peaches, milk, or even collard greens, your body breaks these foods …

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Mar 06

Breast-Feed Now, Avoid Diabetes Later

Breastfeeding has been known to come along with an over-supply of benefits for the mother. From weight-loss, speedy after-birth healing, decreasing breast and ovarian cancer risks, healthy hormone releases and now a source for prevention to Type 2 Diabetes. Serving as a significant long-term benefit for mothers, breastfeeding babies not only reduces the risk of …

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Oct 30

Studies on CBD & Diabetes

Diabetes is the most commonly diagnosed endocrine disease. After being diagnosed, diabetics commonly try to lead healthy lives, but are hindered by their blood sugar levels. There are two types of diabetes: Type 1: Makes it impossible to produce insulin Type 2: The body is unable to react to the presence of insulin in the …

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