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Dec 26

Gluten Free Dump Cake

http://www.duncanhines.com/recipes/cakes/Duncan%20Hines®/dump-cake/ I wanted something sweet for the holidays, ideally peach cobbler, but I’m gluten free and my family is Old School   So I made a gluten free version of this dump cake recipe I found!  I had to make ot my own so I: – switched the cherries for peaches – added vanilla extract,  …

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Apr 27

Artificially Colored Icing: Don’t do it!

Home baked, made from scratch is healthier than store-bought mixes, and usually tastes better too. Many of us make the cake ourselves, but use pre-made icing from the supermarket. Don’t let a tube of icing ruin your otherwise health{ier} treats! Sure, it’s convenient, but we think it’s just not worth it. Here is a recipe …

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Mar 13

St. Patrick’s Day: Healthy Recipe Ideas

It’s coming this Sunday! Did you know that St. Patrick’s Day is also called the “Feast” of St. Patrick? Aside from public parades and festivities, food and drink are an important part of the day – whether alcoholic beverages or those ubiquitous green-colored cookies, cupcakes or candies. Here are 5 easy ideas to get green …

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