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Nov 06

Sound Therapy as a Source of Meditation

How would you describe your “happy place” and how do you get there? Many people define their happy place as a mental site of safety, balance, and peace where self-discovery and healing can take place. We are each on individual journeys to discover the route that leads to these havens within ourselves and no two …

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Nov 11

We’re post-election angry, so what are we going to do about it?

This ANGER, FEAR, AND OUTRAGE is about the message sent by the election of a candidate that ran on a platform of hate, violence, fear, and disrespect. We are not typically taught how to deal with our emotions (particularly ANGER, FEAR, GUILT, AND SHAME) in healthy, productive, and powerful ways.. If we don’t it will get stuck and it will eventually kill us through diseases such as cancer, depression, autoimmune disorders, hypertension, & diabetes. These tips will HELP

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Apr 15

Graceful Goddess Mini Makeover

  GRACE: Beauty or charm of form, movement, or expression; Kindness, dignity, elegance, poise GODDESS: ·  A woman of superior charms or excellence, great beauty or grace THE GRACEFUL GODDESS – A woman who loves herself, her body and her spirit    She moves with grace struts with sensuality & strides with sizzle.  The Goddess can …

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Mar 02

40 Day Prosperity Plan

What good is money if you’re too sick to spend it? What good is great health if you’re too broke to have any fun? Let’s make a deal. Join me in transforming your HEALTH AND YOUR WEALTH! Wouldn’t THAT MAKE DIFFERENCE in your life? Enroll in Healthy, Wealthy, & Fabulous with me! This program delivers …

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Feb 07

New Day!

Today I woke up with the thought that each day is a new opportunity to move towards or away from being my true divine self. Read More at DivaMakeover.com

Jan 02

Source – Motivation & Inspiration

  Source GOD IS MY SOURCE OF INFINITE GOOD. A miner digs deep into the earth to find gold. To be successful, he may have to search for years, with many false starts. The source of abundance in my life is God, infinite and ever-present. Unlike the miner who requires great effort and expense to …

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Dec 03

Radiant – Motivation & Inspiration

I am the radiant life of God in every moment of my life. I celebrate my life energy by making healthy choices, engaging in prayer and meditation, and living in peace. God-life flows through me and all creation, and I am grateful! Read More at DivaMakeover.com

Nov 12

Joy – Inspiration & Motivation

JOY “I am a vessel for God’s Joy” Get inspired & motivated to fulfill on what matters to you your favorite Divas! We meditate, pray, & share, keeping us on track to achieve our goals AND/OR getting us back in the game! MWF 9:30 CST/10:30 EST (712)775-7000 Access Code 345404# Read More at DivaMakeover.com

Nov 10

Higher Power – Motivation & Inspiration

Higher Power Affirmation: A Higher Power is working in and through me. Scripture: Great is our Lord, and abundant in power; his understanding is beyond measure. – Psalm 147:5 Source- www.DailyWord.com Get inspired & motivated to fulfill on what matters to you with your favorite Divas!  We meditate, pray, & share, keeping us on track …

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