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Aug 09


It’s official, TechnoDiva has liberated herself from overpriced cell phone contracts! I was lamenting paying over $120/month to my former carrier  for my SMARTPHONE to one of my Diva buddies and she said, “Switch to Boost” I looked at her like she was crazy and she laughed and said “Seriously, I’ve been with them for …

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Mar 29

Get Listed

There are people RIGHT NOW looking for your business HOWEVER in 2012 they don’t use the yellow pages. . . they use GOOGLE and other search engines!  You have to make sure you are listed and EASY to find online. If you have ever heard or seen the term SEO (Search Engine Optimization) you know …

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Mar 24

Get Graphic

Like it or not, people don’t like read these days, but a picture says a thousand (1000) words.  Technology is all about quickness and efficiency so long drawn out prose is not the way to go.  An image on the other hand can convey a lot of information quickly, this is another reason you want …

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Feb 22

Email Marketing LIVES

Some say email is out, I say differently, YES we talk about needing to use a VARIETY of marketing channels in my Business Basics Workshop , BUT EMAIL is still a viable tool to communicate and connect…but maybe you don’t need to pay so much for it! Check out my new low-cost tool MAIL CHIMP! …

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Oct 13

Give Me a Home

Every Author Needs a Home on the Web I am a technology consultant and coach for small businesses and as I said before EVERY AUTHOR should consider themselves a small business. Now if you’re lucky and get a great publishing deal maybe you can outsource everything and simply focus on writing. However even New York …

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Sep 17

Look Good (LoGo)

One of the MAIN things that separate small businesses from the “Big Boys” is corporate identity .  Corporations spend thousands of dollars on logos, graphic design, and marketing materials to give a sleek, polished, professional appearance.  Usually upstarts and small businesses don’t have those types of resources, but how you present your company to the …

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