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Sep 09

How do you know that?

During a fun conversation amongst friends about sensuality and sexuality, one friend remarked, “Is there ANYTHING,  Kania doesn’t have training or expertise in?”  It was funny, but here is the thing,  no I’m not a “know it all,”  I have spent at least 16 years studying sensuality and sexuality.  Why? I have never been one …

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Aug 29

Virtuous Vixen Relationship Advocate

It’s not about knowing everything, its about sharing what you know! See more Virtuous Videos Read More at VirtuousVixen.com

Aug 29

4 Common Mistakes Male “Relationship Experts” Make | BlackandMarriedWithKids.com

This article is a wonderful treatise on some ways relationship advocates are falling short. Take a moment to read & respond! http://blackandmarriedwithkids.com/2013/04/4-common-mistakes-male-relationship-experts-make/ Posted from WordPress for Android Read More at VirtuousVixen.com

Aug 22

Virtuous Vixen – Sex, touch, Virtue

What’s available to you with Virtuous Vixen programs? Lots, one woman liberated herself from promiscuity and reclaimed her virtue! Find out how www.virtuousvixen.com See more Virtuous Videos Read More at VirtuousVixen.com

Aug 12


Image courtesy of dreamstime Today I am sharing about a missing I see in many relationships,  TENDERNESS.  Defined as being kind, affectionate, and gentle.  Men and women are operating so much in the masculine domain that we are not being and are not teaching our young people to be tender with one another.  We are …

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Jul 30

The Submissive Diva

The Role of “being the woman” can be confusing for the independent Diva.  We are High-Level Executives, Educated, accomplished, confident, capable, and financially secure.  We live in gated communities, have elaborate security systems, and may even carry a pistol so we are protected and safe.  The prevalent complaint I hear is that we are “too” …

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Jul 14

Man Up!

GREAT DISCUSSION in one of my favorite relationships forums RINGSIDE that prompted this blog.   At some point did anyone DEFINE what is Masculine vs Feminine? Very often what is called “feminine” to me doubles as “childlike” and what is called “masculine” is “adult behavior.” That is the first issue YES women have become more …

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Jan 24

Naughty Valentine Workshop 2014 Atlanta

Naughty Valentine
Pole & Pamper Party!
Register for an Diva Dance Workshop and learn a fun & flirty routine for
Valentine’s Day!

Admission Includes:
* Pole Dance Lesson
* Massage
* Refreshments

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Dec 23

Learn to Read the Signs

FOR THE FELLAS I’ve seen this video circulating on Fb and after reading many male responses I’m confused.   LOL what’s so hard to understand, she just wants him to say he WANTS her to come by. Women don’t like feeling like the man is indifferent to us, we want to be desired. She wanted to …

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Dec 16

Everyone is Your Mirror – The Greatest Relationship Secret

Totally feeling this article.  It outlines the way I see conflict relationship. The second one outlines how to go about changing yourself and/or your partner. It’s not about blame me it’s about taking responsibility and being the cause of your own happiness. http://www.mind-your-reality.com/your_mirror.html#Part_2 http://www.mind-your-reality.com/change_your_relationships.html Read More at VirtuousVixen.com

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