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Dec 22

Do You Have Scurvy? Why You Need Vitamin C and How to Get It

With so many people raving about the positive benefits of high-dose (or mega-dose) vitamin C for knocking out a host of ailments from cancer to asthma, you might be thinking it’s time to climb aboard the vitamin C train, destination: Wellsville. But before you rush out to stock up on chewable tablets or tangy powders, …

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May 21

Four Side Dishes You Didn’t Know You Loved

Let’s admit a sad truth: we Americans are obsessed with french fries. Available at nearly every restaurant and socially acceptable to eat any time of day or night, they are impossibly hard to avoid. The average American consumes close to 30 pounds, or 88 large servings of french fries per year! This obsession comes with …

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