Well Being Offerings

Kania is here to assist you in Achieving your #wellnessgoals.  She takes a wholistic (mind, body, spirit) view of Wellness and has been trained and created many modalities to approach different aspects of Well-Being.

It is advised to start with a Biometric Wellness Assessment, an in-depth intake process that insures that you receive the recommendation that is best for you and your wellness goals.




Offerings Available

Beauty & Wellness Products
Biometric Wellness Assessments
Coaching with Kania
Emotional Healing & Release
Goddess Steams
Healing Essential Oil Blends
Herbal, Crystal & Aromatherapy Consulting
Kitchen & Pantry Makeovers
Microbiome Balancing
Ministerial Services
Movement Therapy
Self Care Sessions
Wellness Action Plans
Workshops & Seminars