Wellness Action Plans

Stop suffering, take control of your health, get your wellness action plan, #winwellness #wellnessgoals Fit Coach Kania. A Diva Medicine Woman

Failing to plan = Planning to fail.  You want to be “healthy,” but do you have a plan?  Is your plan put together by a knowledgeable  professional who takes a wholistic view of your health and well-being?  Does their fitness or weight-loss program take into account the Spiritual and Emotional aspects of your life? 

As a Certified Health Coach, Medicine Woman, and Minister, Kania is uniquely qualified to create a personalized strategy that will set you up to #WINWELLNESS and hit your #WELLNESSGOALS!  Drawing upon a variety of modalities, your plan includes step-by-step instructions and recommendations that are easy to follow and implement.

If you decide you also want accountability, Kania is ready to serve as your coach and partner, assisting you in sticking to your plan and getting back on track if/when you fall off. 

Stop suffering, complaining, and trying to do it yourself.  Invest in yourself and your wellness; get your personalized Wellness Action Plan started today.

Wellness Action Plan


Detailed recommendation of steps to take Physically, Mentally, Emotionally, and Spiritually to  optimize your wellness. 

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