Diva Makeover

divamakeovericonsquare1The Diva Makeover is an affordable and convenient program that transforms women into sexy fabulous goddesses who are confident, fit, and satisfied!

  • We assist women in getting in touch with and staying connected to the Four Dimensions of Femininity (Flirt, Vixen, Diva, & Goddess)  to ensure that their needs are meet in a way that pleases everyone including them!
  • We assist women in sexually unsatisfying long-term relationships/marriages have the confidence and knowledge to enjoy ALL aspects of being with their partner
  • We help women meet and exceed their fitness & weight loss goals with nutritional supplements, fitness classes, and breakthroughs in their thought patterns that stop them from doing what they know to do to lose weight
  • We teach women how to care for their skin and wear make-up such that their natural beauty is enhanced and they are more attractive to themselves and the world!
  • We coach women in how to be assertive and bold in a way that is powerfully effective yet still feminine.

Begin your Transformation at www.DivaMakeover.com

Latest Blog Posts

Honey Pot Love!

Yes your Honey Pot needs Love TOO! Check out these Wholistic Womb Care Products designed to bring freedom, comfort, and ease to that time of the month!!! I have experienced a shorter cycle, and a DRAMATIC reduction in cramps after converting to and u

Wellness Wednesday Herbal Hour & Diva Dance

The road to Wellness starts with information and ends with application. Each week during Wellness Wednesday you'll have the chance to do both!

Kicked out of “Wife School!”

No Wife Certificate for me. On this journey to embrace my Divine Feminine and assist other women in doing the same, I look into a lot of resources for personal development, confident referrals, and partnerships.  I have no problem sharing that while

Divas Night Out ATL Vixen Edition 10/22

  You're invited to experience an evening of Dance, Healing, and Divine Feminine Fun! Every woman needs some Diva Time! A Divas Night out is your time to do something nice for yourself. Grab a few girlfriends and join us for a feminine fiesta

The Art of Self Care - Black Women's Expo Atlanta Panel Sun 10/9/16

Right now in this time of stress and unrest, it is even MORE important to create a self-care regimen to maintain your physical, mental, and emotional health. At this panel we'll be sharing more than just information, we will have actual solutions and steps you can take to re-claim or maybe for the first time experience serenity and peace of mind in the midst of this chaos!

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