Diva Makeover

divamakeovericonsquare1The Diva Makeover is an affordable and convenient program that transforms women into sexy fabulous goddesses who are confident, fit, and satisfied!

  • We assist women in getting in touch with and staying connected to the Four Dimensions of Femininity (Flirt, Vixen, Diva, & Goddess)  to ensure that their needs are meet in a way that pleases everyone including them!
  • We assist women in sexually unsatisfying long-term relationships/marriages have the confidence and knowledge to enjoy ALL aspects of being with their partner
  • We help women meet and exceed their fitness & weight loss goals with nutritional supplements, fitness classes, and breakthroughs in their thought patterns that stop them from doing what they know to do to lose weight
  • We teach women how to care for their skin and wear make-up such that their natural beauty is enhanced and they are more attractive to themselves and the world!
  • We coach women in how to be assertive and bold in a way that is powerfully effective yet still feminine.

Begin your Transformation at www.DivaMakeover.com

Latest Blog Posts

Kiss Domestic Violence Goodbye 2017

Throughout the month of October  I am committed to not only raising awareness, but to raising money, and raising the spirits of those surviving this experience. Victims of domestic violence are males and females of all ages and the funds raised

Unconditional Love Part 3 – Selfish or Selfless?

Part 1 Part 2   At of end of Part 2 I alluded to love-of self (Philautia) being the crux of my relationship downfall.  I speculate on this because it seems like practices I have put into place to protect and love myself have been taken to be

Unconditional Love Part 2 – The Error of Eros

See Part 1 for context As a student of ministry and a person on an advanced Spiritual Journey (advanced meaning I am actively putting time and energy into my spiritual development) I am aware there are many different types of Love.  However as my

Unconditional Love – Part 1

So I’m back on the market, kinda.  Last year I was clear, that THIS YEAR I am becoming a mother.  I began looking at Pathways to Parenthood, and sharing my goal with people in my inner-circle.  This choice is COMPLETELY different than the goal of

Honey Pot Love!

Yes your Honey Pot needs Love TOO! Check out these Wholistic Womb Care Products designed to bring freedom, comfort, and ease to that time of the month!!! I have experienced a shorter cycle, and a DRAMATIC reduction in cramps after converting to and


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