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Nov 12

More NFL Players turn to CBD for Relief

Marvin Washington says many of his NFL teammates used cannabis to unwind and ease the pain that inevitably comes from playing America’s most violent game — but it wasn’t for him.  “I hung out with the guys who liked to drink and chase women,” says Washington, a former defensive end who won a Super Bowl …

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Nov 06

Which CBD product is right for me?

The complete outpour of positive reviews that cannabidiol (CBD hemp oil) has received, has convinced millions to give it a try. Especially from those that are tired of conventional medicines full of chemicals or side effects.There has been numerous studies as far as the positive impact that CBD  has had on individuals who are also dealing …

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Nov 05

Can CBD minimize the symptoms of MS?

Multiple Sclerosis occurs when the protective coverings of nerve cells in the brain and spinal cords are damaged. This damage causes parts of the nervous system to malfunction and make it difficult for communication between the two to occur. Nerve impulses are vulnerable to damage, and the body becomes susceptible to neurological malfunction. The symptoms …

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Oct 30

Studies on CBD & Diabetes

Diabetes is the most commonly diagnosed endocrine disease. After being diagnosed, diabetics commonly try to lead healthy lives, but are hindered by their blood sugar levels. There are two types of diabetes: Type 1: Makes it impossible to produce insulin Type 2: The body is unable to react to the presence of insulin in the …

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Oct 27

CBD For Mental Health

Over 18% (about 42.5 million) of Americans struggle with their mental health. It’s neglected too often in our society, and its a serious issue that should not be ignored.  The advantages of CBD are being discussed all over the country, and reviews show that those with anxiety, depression, PTSD, ADD and more are using it. …

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PM FORMULA CBD SOOTHE SYRUP  The crowning jewel of our PM line, the Nightime Soothe Syrup. Designed to help you sip & relax. The soothe syrups include our pharmaceutical grade special PM formula Cannabidiol (CBD) With delicious flavors like:

Oct 26

Terpenes Education Week

Terpene Education week is October 9th to the 15th! Make sure to stay involved on our Facebook  and Instagram  pages for daily giveaways and to hear more about each of our terpenes.   Terpenes Responsible for 99% of the smells and flavors found in every plant on Earth. Terpenes have many great benefits when used in combination with …

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Oct 26

Why You Need To Be Using Terpenes!

  Terpenes are natural chemicals found in every plant on Earth. You can find terpenes in anything that has a distinct smell! They include the smells we associate with foods, perfumes, and more. Terpenes work with cannabinoids in CBD to deliver a fuller experience by producing what is called The Entourage Effect. The Entourage Effect …

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Pain Be Gone

Our Licensed Pharmacist formulated a natural based pain relieving cream that offers a soothing and effective delivery system. Uses: Anti-inflammatory, Pain/Ache Relief, and Arthritis Relief**.


Terpenes are considered the main building blocks of any plant essential oils and contribute to the scent, flavors, and colors. This blend of pure CBD oil and full-spectrum terpenes is vegetable glycerin base, contains NO THC, and causes a powerful entourage effect, with a unique floral flavor.

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